Copyright, Access, and Use

Identifying Usage Rights

Each object in Oregon Digital has a Rights statement identifying its copyright status. A License may also be listed that allows additional uses. We encourage Fair Uses of our materials whenever possible.

Rights Statements

These standardized statements identify the copyright status of an object. More information is available at

In Copyright

No Copyright



Public Domain

Objects in the public domain do not have restrictions on usage. We request that you acknowledge the source of the object whenever possible.

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons licenses provide limited uses as assigned by the rights holder. Refer to the Creative Commons website for more information. Creative Commons licenses:

Additional Usage Requests

Additional usages may be granted by contacting the copyright holder or repository for permissions. Please use the contact form to request additional permissions, or contact the Rightsholder directly if known.

Access Restrictions

Some objects have additional restrictions on access to only the hosting institution, usually due to purchased content and contractual restrictions. There may be additional usage restrictions on this content.

Users must be on campus or connected to the campus network for access to these materials. For University of Oregon users, see the UO Libraries instructions for off-campus access. For Oregon State University users, see the instructions for setting up VPN access.